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About Mahatma Gandhiji’s Statue in Illinois

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   It is a great pleasure to inform all of you that the Indian community installed a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Heritage Park in Skokie, IL. It is the first life size statue of Gandhiji in Illinois and it is a pride and joy for our community.

    We all strongly believe that the statue will inspire millions to resolve their disputes and differences through non-violent, peaceful means. It will also remind everyone about Gandhiji’s work in areas of discrimination towards untouchables and fighting injustices by satyagrah, civil disobedience and non-cooperation movements.  This serves as a tribute to the father of the largest democracy in the world.

    The life-size statue is over 8 feet tall and stands on a pedestal. It is constructed from bronze and is maintenance-free, long lasting and weatherproof. A core committee oversaw and completed the project including the design, construction and installation. So let us join our hands and hearts and contribute generously for this wonderful project. Help us to build the best memorial to honor the father of our nation. For further information on contributing towards this project, please call any of the executive board members.


Executive Board:  

Omprakash Kamaria, Chairman & Founding President   

Dr. Chandrakant Modi, Trustee

Satish Chander, Trustee

Usha Kamaria, Trustee
Dina Modi, Trustee
Mira Chander, Trustee
Dr. Sriram Sonty, Trustee


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